Charter Questions and Answers

How do I find you? — We take off from the boat launch area at the Nyack Marina. You’ll see the large, white sailboat moored a couple hundred yards from shore, and we have a launch to take you to the sailboat. You can use the address 11 Burd Street, Nyack NY 10960 to get you to the parking lot. The exact location is in Google as 1A Spear Street, Nyack NY 10960, but that may not be in the GPS.

Do I bring my own food? — You can bring your own food and drink.  We do provide water, ice, plates, cups, and silverware, and a limited supply of complementary local craft beer, and regional wine. We do encourage people to bring whatever food or drink they want. There is plenty of storage for whatever you bring on board.

What do I wear? — The most important thing about what to wear is to be comfortable, and to wear shoes that with soles that won’t mark up the decks.  At the beginning and end of the season, it can be cooler out on the water than on land, so bring layers.  And, if you are on a private charter, don’t forget your swimsuit!  Also, bring sun block.

Pets? — We understand that pets are part of the family.  Pets are only allowed on private charters.

Children? — All Children under the age of 12 shall wear Coast Guard certified personal flotation device (PFD) at all times during the charter while above deck.

General rules while sailing:

  • Passengers are to stay in the cockpit or cabin unless specifically given permission to go on the deck or go swimming. Passengers much return to cockpit immediately when requested.
  • Place tampons and sanitary pads in bins provided in the bathrooms. Do not flush them or any other objects down the toilet.
  • If anyone in the Charter Party is a poor swimmer or a non‐swimmer, the captain must be notified immediately upon boarding and those passengers will be required to wear a PFD at all times throughout the trip.

Rain date policy: Al Vento is capable of sailing rain or shine, and offers sheltered cabin space for all guests.  In the event of extreme or other adverse forecasted weather conditions, the Charter Party and NBC can agree to reschedule no later than 5:00PM the day before the charter. In such a case, NBC will find another day to reschedule the charter, or offer a full refund minus a $100 fee, or 10% of the charter amount, whichever is less.

The captain reserves the right to cancel any charter if he/she feels weather conditions represent a danger to the safety of the passengers.

Cancellation Policy: If a charter is cancelled more than two weeks before the Charter Party’s scheduled sailing date, the Charter Party will receive a full refund, minus a 10% or $100 cancellation fee, whichever amount is less.  If the Charter Party cancels their sail less than two weeks in advance of their date, all monies paid by the charter are forfeited unless Nyack Boat Charter books another charter on that date.  If another charter party takes that date and time period, for an equal or greater amount of money, the original Charter Party will receive a full refund minus the $100 cancellation fee.

Charter Party agrees that the Yacht shall be employed exclusively as a pleasure vessel for the sole and proper use of the respective parties during the Charter Term. Charter Party shall not transport merchandise, carry or allow any person to bring or keep on board any weapon or narcotic or controlled dangerous substance (commonly referred to as “Drugs”), engage in any trade or violate any of the laws of the United States or any other government within the jurisdiction of which the Yacht may be at any time. Charter Party shall comply with the law in all respects.

Damage: If any member of the Charter Party causes any damage to any of the boats, Nyack Boat Charter will assess the damage and estimate the cost of repair.  NBC will consult with the Charter Party before applying any fees to the credit card.